31 day magic meat challenge

Week 1 Theme: The Basics (Day 1 - Day 7)
Week 2 Theme: Non-Human (Day 8 - Day 14)
Week 3 Theme: Swaps (Day 15 - Day 21)
Week 4 Theme: Miscellaneous (Day 22 - Day 31)

Weekly Theme Prompts

Feel free to do any of the individual prompts in any order you like! Or you can simply create whatever comes to mind based on the four general themes of each week!


Magic Meat March is a month long event of men in sexy armor! Started in 2017 and based off of the original Magic Meat Week idea by amanda-sharpe, Magic Meat March will be the same awesome event filled with art of men in skimpy outfits to show that they can fight evil while showing lots of skin!
This occasion is meant to be a fun way for people to share their drawings, writings, or even some cosplays/original outfits about guys in impractical fantasy attire. Whether you wish to depict a message about the inequality seen in the apparel of video games and other entertainment media or you simply want to draw dudes in something seemingly suitable only for the beach, all are welcome!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an ask on Tumblr or a direct message through Twitter!